“The Art of Appreciation”, by Peggy Halevi uplifts its readers with personal encouragement to create a much better life through responsible positive thinking and thought-heart-emotional connections. The reader is inspired to utilize the procedures described to relax into a growing awareness of their own happiness and self-worth through the simple act of “Appreciating”. The book entwines real experiences, stories, feelings and profound wisdom into contributing factors of enlightenment based upon the Law of Attraction.


Kate Corbin, Law of Attraction Life Coach and Author

Although the title of this lovely book by Peggy Halevi is The Art of Appreciation, it is so much more than that. It is indeed a treatise on life, a seminar on how to live a life of joy. As a thinker and philosopher, Peggy seeks to answer the deepest questions of life and death. With sincerity and honesty, Peggy shares her spiritual unfolding, exploring what she calls the Grand Transformation of Mankind. And we are privileged to join Peggy on her journey of transformation. As she fully realizes the power we all have to choose our thoughts, Peggy learns to take responsibility for her thoughts and feelings and, therefore, her results. As a mentor, she encourages us to think deliberately, to think our dreams into reality.

In a loving, sensitive way, Peggy offers a bridge between the Catholic faith and the Law of Attraction, between traditional religion and our inherent ability to manifest our desires through thought.
Peggy is a world-class appreciator as well as an enthusiastic, encouraging tutor in the Art of Appreciation. As Peggy explains, when you appreciate what you have, you attract even more to appreciate. She reveals the amazing discovery that appreciation is a choice and that choosing appreciation brings abundant joys of every kind. This book is Peggy’s way of inviting us to find our own joy.

The Art of Appreciation is a book to be read slowly, to be savored and considered. As you sit back and enjoy this mind-expanding course, as you take the time to seek the treasures herein, you will be generously rewarded. And, like Peggy, you will emerge transformed.