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This book reveals, through real-life experiences (spanning across generations) that many can relate to, that The Art of Appreciation is effective as a tool to tap into a cooperative connection for trusting in personal greatness, The Law of Attraction, the Source Within, worthiness, health, happiness, wealth, wisdom, joy and clarity. It explains the measurable value of deliberately thinking about what we are thinking about and teaches that knowing so yields the choice and responsibility to think in meaningful, mindful ways. It is full of examples of positive beneficial thoughts and collects processes to recognize and create a more purposeful and improved life. The stories connect to the growth discovered finding the wisdom to take control of personal happiness and allowing future desires to manifest. The theme of Equality is heightened and repeated to bring understanding into heart and view and encourages all to transition into acknowledging the timeliness of promoting a more compassionate consciousness. It relates to generational changes and the chances or opportunities we are availed to in order to advance self and humankind into thriving rather than merely surviving. The Pandemic is approached from choices to changes, individually and as humanity. It uplifts and educates through practical examples and is intended for all ages.