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How To Blend Instructions

Blends selection. You can select the oils of your choice in two ways.  If you know the oils you wand to blend together, select Oil Selection from the menu on the left side of the page.  To select essential oils that addresses your healing desires, select Healing Selection from the menu.

Selecting "Oil Selection" will allow you to select the oils for your product (max of 10 oils).  Selecting "Healing Selection" is a simple three step process.  First, you choose from a healing category.  After selecting the category, a list of healing areas will be presented.  Select the healing area that best matches your desires and you will be presented with a recommended list of oils.  There are many decisions you now have to make on your own. However, there are safeguards to assist you and prevent errors.  We restrict the overuse of too many oils in one product.  "Recommended Oils" are merely guidelines. There are no “scent” rules.  Remember that the commercialized lines of massage oils, lotions and creams are blended more often, than not, according to the price/marketing index rather than out of consideration for the unique aromatic and curative properties of the Essentials. You cannot make a mistake, so do not fear creativity.

Costing out your product. After selecting the oils, you will be presented with the list of available customized products.  Venturoma products are available in various sizes.  Review the description of each product and the costs, which is listed for your convenience, and select the product that best match your needs.  The product you selected will be placed in your Shopping Cart.  You can continue shopping for additional products or complete the order by selecting the "Check Out" option. 

We do not often get identical products to make and that is because people are all different from each other. When we have similar healing needs, inevitably we have different preferences in aromas and different allowances. We are not recommending that you choose the least expensive or the most expensive oil. That is your decision. We only repeat our recommendation that you always choose according to your healing needs and not your favorite aroma.

Surprisingly, the essential oil of black pepper is nothing like the aroma one associates with the welling up of a sneeze caused by smelling the spice used in cooking. There is a significant difference between the way food or spice sources taste and the way the essential oils of these plants smell. The concentrative intensity reveals the pure “essence” of the aroma. The essential oil of pepper yields a spicy exotic almost mysterious aroma. You will find yourself immediately breathing deeper for a second whiff because it is so delightfully intriguing. More important, the aroma is time proven for relief of arthritis symptoms and treats muscle aches among many other things

Be experimental and creative. Look first at the treatment of the symptoms. The healing characteristic one needs to assist personal health is very often found in the aroma for which one is absolutely longing. On the other hand, aromas that you have never considered before may be just what the body is craving.

Cautions are indicated on each Essential Oil Description Page.

Size and Quantity are flexibly and directly linked to Product Cost through a convenient Shopping Cart.

Payment Options. PayPal and Google Checkout secure sites are available for your payment.  You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay for your order, however, Google Checkout will require you to create an account if you don't already have one..

Customer Feedback. We have tried to present this process to you in a smooth flowing manner. It is intended to be an informative experience and an opportunity for you to be proactive in your choice of healing products. It is our desire to continuously improve upon our web concept in order to better serve the needs of our customers. Please provide us with your feedback, our email is Peggy@halevi.com.