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About Venturoma

Venturoma is a woman-owned family-operated small business undertaking the challenge of using technology for the edification of alternative curative concepts. Our Personal Care Products are enhanced by the therapeutic properties of essential oils. They are ultimately designed by you to suit individual aromatic preferences and address specific health concerns.

Our Databases have been developed using many references, thereby strengthening your ability to choose essentials that will best address your particular symptoms while deterring you from forming combinations that would be detrimental to your well-being. Our interactive web environment was designed to be informative and enable our customers to take responsibility for making well-defined, healing-capable decisions. No one knows your symptoms better than you. Furthermore, your individual needs can change from time to time. You will be able to easily meet your ongoing needs through the use of the information provided herein.

Do you recognize the statement, “Cure the cause not the symptom?” It is a sound approach but not always easily achieved. Symptoms are signs that something is wrong. Essential oils do not cure symptoms. However, easing symptoms reduces stress on the overall healing process of dealing with the cause. Causes are much harder to identify and sometimes unchangeable. Treating symptoms can help you feel better while you find and, hopefully, cure the cause. Our customers should understand that we are dealing with treatments and not cures. We use terms like “alleviate”, “reduce”, “treat”, and “improve”. Essential oils do not cure disease.

You design your own products!  Each product you design can have at maximum 10 essential oils included in it.  Too many oils in one product will create the same result as putting too many colors on top of each other when painting when the colors become indistinguishable and dark.

We package your Essential Oil choices into your desired Emollient Choices.  Venturoma puts them together and makes sure they contain all fresh un-compromised ingredients. All our Essential Oils are 100% pure, and all our Emollients are the highest grade available.

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Tel: (805) 650.9000
email: Peggy@Halevi.com